The Jobs Transmission Radio

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About Transmission Radio

Paying homage to vintage rock stalwarts, Transmission Radio is a collision of two worlds where indie pop meets vintage classic rock and pop. Layers of surf, reggae, and choral arrangements make for a diverse array that hopefully leaves something for everyone. The song is purposely vague, but underneath the retro poppy timbre lies a consistent allusion  to an internal quest for restitution with careful attention placed on morphing prior experiences in an effort to  exorcise current demons and build toward the future.

The Jobs The Sunrise Over The Hill

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About The Sunrise Over The Hill

The song in a way resembles an internal film reel; at times lyrically chaotic, the words are analogous to an individual’s never-ending search for self-betterment. The song arrangement is intended to simulate mind racing introspection; more specifically it represents a longing for mental asylum that collides with, on a macro level, a world in which the individual largely is unable to exercise control. Pulsing through the song’s stinging self-reflection and at times, self-condemnation, is a small aperture of optimism. Small shards of confidence and expectation begin to manifest, mirrored musically by the instrumentation from the bridge all the way through to the coda. Metaphorically, 2020 is the perfect easel for “The Sunrise Over The Hill.

The Jobs La Serena

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About La Serena

La Serena is power pop drenched underneath wet, surfy, and delayed guitars, scaled-down walls of shoegaze, and a consistent 90s-esque chorus hook. The song pays homage to early 90s American and British Rock, while maintaining a present day timbre. Lyrically, it points to a cycle of self-reflection, escape, and pain rationalization. It’s an oscillating continuum that leaves the listener wavering between cynicism and optimism.

The Jobs On a Holiday

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About On a Holiday

Underneath the reverb-soaked guitars and vibrating countermelodies, lies a tale of a woman that is putting the past in her review and taking her first steps to getting back on her feet.

The Jobs If You Have No One

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About If You Have No One

Under the ferocity of 90s early emo era guitar, lies a lyrical homage to one of the most important conflicts in all of Europe during the middle ages. If You Have No One is a marriage of 90s Brit Pop and 90s American emo. An allusion to utter determination and willpower. Sandwiched between crescendo based verses, lies a build to a final coda of reflection, the balance of gain and loss, and reverie to the days ahead.